I, like most of you, learned from the release this week that Jamie Davis is the new CEO for USAV. I’m excited and look forward to the potential ahead and whether it’s his influence or not, love the amount of digital content USAV has been pumping out the last few weeks. For USAV to take another leap forward it needs to view itself as a media company, not just an NGB. Who better to lead us in that direction than one who has started and run a successful media company already?

But with the start of a new era, it means the end of another. Doug Beal led USAV well, and I want to publicly say “thank you”. Doug’s impact on US Volleyball is difficult to quantify. From player to coach to CEO, he has been actively involved in the growth of volleyball for nearly half a century! That’s a long time! The list of personal accomplishments and organizational growth is massive.

You might not agree with Doug all the time, I certainly haven’t, but he was never operating on a personal agenda. Volleyball was too important, and its growth was too important. Thanks for remaining level headed amidst all the pulling and tugging that has gone on especially over the last couple of quads. Those issues needed room to breath as real issues were being wrestled with and needed a strong leader to hold it all together.

Thank you for the impact you have had. The opportunities to play the game have grown immensely. Thank you for backing the Men’s NT move to Anaheim which was pivotal to our establishment as a world National Team force (and eventually led to the WNT move, and full backing by the USOC). Thank you for the 2-man serve receive!!  Thanks for being such a great ambassador for both our country and our sport worldwide.  The world of volleyball has such great respect for you and rightfully so (Beal for FIVB president)! Oh, and way to take a 2-3 million dollar operation to a 25-27 million dollar operation. Not too shabby for a “non-business volleyball guy”. ?

Image: Volleyverse: Q & A With Doug Beal