The number one most asked question for me is, “how can I jump higher?”. I’m an undersized player and I really want to maximize my jump, and I certainly understand that desire. But a better question is, “how could I be a more effective hitter?”. I would say that to be a more effective hitter, learn to hit on your way up and play against the block. Hit the edges of the block. Find areas on the court that are going to put the other team in trouble in a transition play. Learn how to hit with different timings. Nine out of ten times/eight out of ten times, hit on your way up which will allow your “hang and bang” shot to be effective as you blast off their hands on their way down. That body control, spatial awareness, and visual ability to see the block while keeping the ball in front of you is how you become a more effective hitter.  

What about blocking as an undersized player? There are strategies there too but you can start by making sure your teammates are serving tough when you are in the front row. As for increasing your vertical.  That will be another blog post, but the short answer is plyometrics and more plyometrics. Always be working on your jump, but in the meantime, develop your offensive range to offset any height deficiencies.