Question from Bryan Gary Lewis via FACEBOOK Q&A

You’ve played at the highest levels. Have had many coaches and teammates. What is the greatest bit of advice you have received that has stuck with you and by whom? What would be your biggest point of advice to all the young junior players that look up to you and the other national team athletes?

Hi Bryan and thank you for your message. I included the video above as it is me answering your question directly.  It was huge for me to really accept the fact that points are up for grabs. There is no destiny or expectation as it relates to results. I can have expectations for how I prepare, or train or the effort that I bring, but not how any one point, or even more foolishly, any result of a match or tournament is anything but the result of effort and execution.  This piece of advice, given to me by Doug Beal, has stuck with me to this day.  I work daily to increase my skill, thereby increasing my ability to play aggressive (without incurring more risk) and try to increase the probability of winning points (see my chapter titled “MY VOLLEYBALL PHILOSOPHY” in Max Potential Playbook).  But I never have any expectation about results.  That was a great lesson I learned early in my career.