On crafting the 2008 Mission Statement

Our coach, Hugh, led us through the construction of a mission statement. We did a little bit of small group things. What are we setting out to do, that was the first thing. Our mission statement reads something like, “we are setting out to win the Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing”, and to the rest of the world we had no business saying that. We had no business writing that. If the rest of the world would have seen that, they would have laughed at us. We weren’t trending, we weren’t on the rise, we weren’t the next hottest team or the team to look out for in 2005. So we made that our mission, this is what we are setting out to do.

And then we went through a process of saying, “that’s our goal, how are we going to get there?”. What are things we think we could be the best at? Well, we can be the best at competing, we could work the hardest, we could be students of the game, we can be great teammates; all of that language was in there. That’s what we held to, and there were a lot of values that stemmed from that mission statement.
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