Over the last quarter century, I have been moving forward. Constant forward motion. What started as a passion became a gateway to the world…different cultures, different experiences and, most importantly, amazing people spanning the globe. Without an off-season in the professional indoor calendar, there was never a built-in rest period. There was no time to reflect, just constant forward motion.

Recently, though, I have been able to pause and reflect. It wasn’t intentional. Following the Olympic Games in Rio I was asked to fill in for two different friends, Matt Anderson and Casey Patterson. One occasion was a boys junior volleyball camp in North LA and the other was a speaking engagement at my home golf course in Huntington Beach. Those two outings led to other opportunities which, in turn, led to more. I connected with people on a new level and found the interaction to be very gratifying as I shared my experiences over the last 25 years.

In preparation for a 4-day intensive volleyball event in Phoenix for junior boys, girls and coaches, I put pen to paper and attempted to articulate the things I think are important when trying to get better at volleyball. That bullet list grew to several pages which then grew even more. I began to look through my 20 years of journals and incorporated some of those entries as well. The most surprising part of it all, I loved it!

I found it really enjoyable to look back and see the stories unfold and the major themes surface. Volleyball was my passion, but it had become so much more! It became a training ground. As I worked to master the game, the game had a way of working on me…my character, how I handle pressure, and so much more. Those are the things that I carry with me today. The medals and trophies are all great, but it’s the man I have become that is enduring, and volleyball was my internal training ground. It helped me develop the ability to be a good learner, how to work with others, how to adapt and change, how to overcome fear – that is the real GOLD that I carry around my neck today.

I have no intention of keeping this to myself. As I have begun to share my experience publicly, both the good times and the bad, I have found great joy and I’m finding that it resonates with others’ life experiences as well. So, I am currently making a few tweaks to the mini-book that came from the event held in Phoenix a few weeks ago, and I am giving it away as a Free E-Book. If you are interested in a getting a copy, simply click HERE.