585287WHY NUMBER 8?

The jersey number 8 was not something I chose, it was given to me when I made my first roster on Team USA.  It’s interesting though as it’s become part of my identity, sort of synonymous with my name. I wore #10 in High School and #14 in College.

I love number 8 for several reasons.  It is an even number.  If turned on its side, it is the infinity symbol and has a sense of overall balance to it.  I try to live “balanced” and be a balanced thinker.  I want to play balanced, or in other words, in control, striving to be a good all-around player.  

Now it’s time to convince the FIVB that beach players should have personal numbers.  It’s incredibly boring for everyone to be 1 and 2.  Let’s give the statisticians and referees a little more credit, I think they can keep track of the athletes and their preferred numbers (4 at a time).
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