Beach Hack

The Olympics are not only an incredible celebration of sport, sportsmanship and competition shared globally, they are also highly ADDICTIVE! Following the Games in Rio, it was clear that I had more juice in the tank and took a long and careful survey of the landscape of the beach volleyball scene. After counting the costs, I have pushed my chips all in to attempt an improbable rise from the bottom of the sport to the top with the goal of representing the USA in a 5th Olympic Games. And this moment is the beginning of that story.

As a volleyball fan, it has been hard to engage with the sport because there isn’t access to a complete story arc. Partial matches, tape delay, zone black-outs, without any news source providing highlights or recaps, make it impossible to get excited as a fan. I don’t have league access or broadcasting rights, but I do have control and access to my own story. My goal is to allow volleyball fans, Olympics fans and whoever finds this story compelling access to this journey to Tokyo. I intended to utilize any and every available resource to help speed up my learning curve; starting in the volleyball world but just as importantly, in other domains, as I attempt to reach my max potential by 2020.

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