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Over the past 16 years, Reid has competed at the highest level in indoor volleyball all over the world. Reid played both on the US National Team as well as on foreign Pro teams in domestic leagues all across the globe. In 2014, Reid suffered a torn ACL during competition which required double knee surgery. In his late thirties, he defied the odds and worked his way all the way back to the top and helped the US Olympic Team win a Bronze Medal. Having competed in 4 Olympic Games on the hard court, he is looking to defy the odds once more by switching surfaces with one goal in mind…GOLD. Reid is working towards representing the US in one more Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo on the sand. GO USA!

  • 2008

    • Gold Medalist Beijing, China
    • CEV Champions League Gold
    • World League Gold
  • 2012

    • CEV Champions League Silver
    • World League Silver
  • 2016

    • Bronze Medalist Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    • CEV Champions League Bronze
    • World League Gold Medal Bronze
  • 4x Olympian

  • 3x NCAA All-American

  • 2x Male Athlete of the Year at LMU

Next Steps

The story is not over yet! Reid has set his sights on the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Although he has played his last indoor match, he is already making the transition to sand volleyball in hopes to represent TEAM USA for the 5th time! You can follow his journey right here on this website as he competes on both the AVP and FIVB tours beginning in 2017.


Since competing in the Olympic Games in Rio, Reid has been asked to do various camps and workshops working with athletes in the game of volleyball. Those opportunities have lead to more opportunities and has caused Reid to begin developing material that can be shared on a larger platform…the internet. That info will be available ON HIS BLOG where you can find the material as well as information about upcoming live events or webinars.





People ask me all the time about PEAK PERFORMANCE. Some have tried to quantify it, and say it’s somewhere in the 28 years old to 32 years old. I don’t disagree that in that window of time or somewhere thereabouts, your experience catches up with your physical abilities and skills and the actions become second nature. The game slows and is easy…you can compete one night, recover quickly and do it again. But it’s not downhill from there…quite the opposite in my opinion. In fact, I believe you can get even better, IT JUST REQUIRES MORE WORK. That’s all. There are great examples of high operators in their respective fields like Kelly Slater (surfer), Dara Torres (swimming) and Jerry Rice (football). If you are willing to put in the work, you can perform at the highest level well into your forties. I am ready to prove it!

Reid Priddy


Reid’s story has something in it for everyone. From climbing the competitive ranks in the athletic world to a devastating injury to aging out…His story is captivating and inspiring and above all shows that the timeless truths of hard work, perseverance, patience, and teamwork do pay off. He was a long shot, especially in his final quad with the National Team but he found a way and you can too. Reid speaks at corporate events, church and youth events, student-athlete events and athletic events.


With 4 Olympic Games under his belt and decades of experience in the sports arena,
Reid has quality content for everyone. Sign up to get in on it!