January 2017

Offensive Range

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  The number one most asked question for me is “How can I jump higher?” I’m an undersized player and I really want to maximize my jump and I certainly understand that desire. But a [...]

Mission Statement 2008

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On crafting the 2008 Mission Statement Our coach Hugh led us through the construction of a mission statement. We did a little bit of small group things. What are we setting out to do, that [...]

Why No. 8

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Why number eight? The jersey number 8 was not something I chose, it was given to me when I made my first roster on Team USA.  It's interesting though as it’s become part of my [...]

Thank You Doug Beal

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I, like most of you, learned from the release this week that Jamie Davis is the new CEO for USAV. I'm excited and look forward to the potential ahead and whether it's his influence or not, love [...]

Remembering Carl

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Carl McGown was a special human being. He is being celebrated today by his family and friends in Provo, Utah. I want to share a few words about him here, disappointed that I can't be [...]

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